Plans, plans, plans….

So, that’s it.  Christmas is out of the way, my 1 mile a day challenge for December has been completed, marathon training has begun and I feel……rather overwhelmed :$

As soon as I got my place for London I started searching for plans (after I stopped googling slowest marathon finisher times that is!).

I am sure that anyone who knows me will tell you I am not one for plans!  I can’t think ahead.  I find it impossible to consider what I want to do at the weekend on a Monday morning!  Alongside my running I am doing Slimming World and I have currently lost just over 2 and a half stone.  A big part of success at slimming world is planning your meals but how can you know on a Tuesday what you want to eat on Friday?!??!  It is something I have always struggled with.  So, with panic setting in I head to the internet to see what the next 3 and a bit months of my life have in store.

 The internet is awash with marathon plans.  Articles about how to train, what you should be doing alongside your running, what food is best to eat before/during/after a run to get the most out of your training and a whole host of other information essential for first time marathon runners.

My first port of call was the Virgin Money London Marathon website.  They have a useful 17 week training plan for entrants to download, I picked the intermediate option having done a couple of half marathons.  Perfect.  Except I didn’t want to start my training until the new year due to already committing myself to running every day, cutting the number of weeks down to 16.  This plan seemed to concentrate on running for a certain amount of time rather than miles and was full of ER/TR/H&N abbreviations which made my head spin!

Next I took a look at MyAsics.  This is a smartphone app which allows you to put information in about your current pace and works out a plan based on that, giving you a target finish time for the big day.  I felt much more comfortable with this plan although some of the runs are on the wrong days for me but I can move them around no problem. So, this is the plan I am (loosely) following.

A wall calendar was purchased and I started plotting my life on there to see where I could fit the runs in.  As much as possible I want to continue with parkrun’s as they have been so instrumental in getting me to where I am today.  Although, as my Long Slow Run days are planned for Sunday’s it may mean that I have to revert to volunteering at them rather than running them.  I have a few races booked in already.  Some for the EVRC race league and one half marathon in London in the middle of March which is quite well planned fortunately.  I also have a 2 week holiday to see Mickey Mouse at the end of March….slap bang where I should be bashing out my mega long runs so will have to have a think about how I am going to deal with that!

I am now 2 weeks into my training plan and it going well.  I have averaged 18 miles a week and my long runs have been 5.5 and 7.5 miles, each of them local races.  I will write race reports for both on separate posts.  I am very lucky that i am able to take longer lunches at work to fit some of the smaller distance runs in which means i can run in the daylight as opposed to in the dark of an evening.  I am also extremely lucky to have a group of lunch time runners that i have dubbed the runch bunch who come out and keep me company. I have also had numerous offers of company for my long slow runs which is good because despite living in the area for almost 17 years, my knowledge of the local villages is surprisingly poor and I will end up getting hopelessly lost!


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