My gosh I didn’t realise how long it has been since my last update!!! My apologies for leaving it so long, it feels as if the year is whizzing by already doesn’t it?!

So, things are going well with the training.  I have done a couple of local races (the Fladbury Festive 5, Not the Roman 9 (NTRIX), and the Moreton Morrell Mad Dash 10k).  Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a massive fan of my bling so to only have done 3 races so far this year and only getting medals at 2 of them (the Fladbury Festive 5 had mugs instead which was a nice touch) I am getting some withdrawal symptoms!  But I know that the training has to take priority right now…..I have the rest of the year to collect the bling.

My longest run to date has been 15 miles.  It was such a major breakthrough to get over the half marathon distance and to feel quite good at the end….kind of makes me feel like I can actually do this marathon!  It was an awful day, freezing cold with the odd light rain shower which got you just wet enough to feel the bitter icy wind through the jacket, vest and base layer I was wearing.

I started off at my house and headed to my friend’s house as she was going to run the last bit with me.  I am very lucky to have some amazing friends who have all offered to help me with my training in various ways.  I know that I am a plodder and so now that I am doing longer runs I feel I can’t ask people to join me for 4 plus hours on a weekend as they all have family to spend time with and weekends are precious enough.  So Sarah and I agreed I would run the 8 miles to her house and she would join me for the final 7 then drop me back afterwards.

I started off about 8:30am on Sunday morning (late as usual, was aiming for 8am!) and head out of my village towards the town.  The route I take leads me through the middle of town but luckily at that time on a Sunday morning there aren’t that many people about, just the early birds getting their Sunday papers and other crazy runners/cyclists.

As I run past the Bell Tower I stop to take a picture as I am very conscious that I need better pics of my runs to show you all.  It’s not a great pic I am afraid, perhaps I need to just remember where I have been and go back to take proper pictures once I have recovered.  I head over the river then alongside it for a bit before heading up the hill and back out of town.

Hills are not my friend.  I know they should be and I should just love them but I don’t.  As soon as I start to even think about going up an incline my legs drain of energy and my brain simply says ‘errrr, nope!’.  So as I start to climb out of town I am determined not to walk and for the most part I succeed.  I did admit defeat towards the top but as soon as it levelled out I plodded on again.

I get to Sarah’s house in good time, too good time actually as she is not quite ready for me! A nice little break as I wait for her to put her shoes on and then we are off again.

As much as I enjoy my own headspace when running, putting the world to rights, having arguments with myself and with other people in my head, planning blogs I really should be writing etc, it is nice to run with someone else.  Sarah and I often run at lunchtimes together when we are at work and it is a great time to destress and catch up.

In total the I ran 15.1 miles in a time of 3:30:02.  I am fairly happy with that time and my legs did not feel as bad as I thought they would.  I must remember to stretch more when I am finished though…..i always get told off for that!!


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