Hello and welcome to my blog! I had best introduce myself.  My Name is Leanne and I live in Evesham, Worcestershire.  I have been running since March 2013 and have so far completed over 120 parkruns, 2 half marathons and numerous 10k’s.  The vast majority of which I have been last or at least near the back!  I am not a natural runner, I certainly don’t have Paula Radcliffe’s physique but I am determined and I am doing it!

This is my first ever blog so please forgive any glaring formatting errors and terrible content…I promise to try and get better as time goes on!

So…my blog…what’s it all about then?!  Well basically it is about me running rather slowly and training for the London Marathon in April 2017.  I had the idea for the blog several years ago as I plodded around Worcester parkrun.  Being one of the last to finish there is a lot of alone time to ponder different things and on one particular day I was contemplating just how great it was to see races from the back marker’s perspective.

I am in total awe of the speedy front runners, the ones who complete the 2 lap 5k course in less time than it takes me to do one lap.  Their effortless grace, their long weightless strides as they glide past, the mud flicked up to the middle of their back as they push on to a pb!  But it occurred to me that as they speed through Worcester woods they must miss so much.

It also occurred to me that they can never know how much their small motions of encouragement are…a quick ‘well done’ between breaths, a thumbs up as they conserve their energy for a sprint finish etc. So the idea was formed to create a blog documenting my musings as I plod round at the back, detailing the different interactions I see as I play cat and mouse with other slower runners, how I judge how well my run is going based on where certain people lap me week in week out, that sort of thing.

Sadly, that is where that thought stayed.  I created this page but for one reason or another I never added any blogs to it or got to grips with how the site worked.  Then in December 2016 my name was drawn out of a hat to win a place at the Virgin Money London Marathon 2017 (more details in my first blog post!) and I knew I had to pick this back up again!

I hope that those who stumble across my blog find it entertaining (or at least not dull!) and that if anyone is thinking that they are too slow or will be laughed at for coming last or embarrassed or any other hurdle we find to stop us doing something we want to they will see that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.